Ways To Keep Squirrels From Chewing Your Siding


It’s like every Spring season we inspect and spot siding damage—but apart from peeling or cracks, the most disturbing thing that we least want to see is squirrel bites. A well known writer experienced it himself. The annoyance, not to mention the teeth gnashing effect, led Bill Adler Jr. to write his insights about winning the battle against squirrels on lubbockonline.com:


While technology has changed, squirrels still have little else to do all day but strategize.


And they’re good at it.


“There’s no one technique that works for everyone,” Adler says.


Try a few different strategies, and be willing to change.


Most of all, Adler says, don’t sweat it too much.


“I have to admit, I care a little less (these days). I care in a different way,” he says of his squirrel strategy.


Squirrels still eat more from his bird feeders than the birds do, but “I don’t mind that I personally don’t always win.


“I enjoy outwitting them. I do. But these days I win the battles and not the war.”


While the writer has his own ways of keeping them away from anything inside or outside his house, you can actually do something more to prevent them from chewing on your exteriors.


One Major Problem


When squirrels do not have anything available for them to nibble, they will end up attacking anything they see. In fact, they can destroy your siding, doors, roofing shingles, and all the other non metal parts of your house. Since squirrels and other rodents are similarly thriving in Lubbock, residents might want to consider a few other ways to keep your home free from damage.


  • Trim Trees Near Your House. Doing so can make it difficult for squirrels to get to your roof and windows.
  • Install Ultrasonic Noisemakers. These can either annoy them or keep them out of your property completely.
  • Replace Your Old Siding. Steel siding will keep squirrels from destroying your home. Its durability and weather resistance makes it a practical choice for many Lubbock homes. For high quality siding installation in Lubbock TX, refer to the nearest reliable siding contractor in the area like Jones & Associates.


Despite the cute and furry appearance that squirrels have, they can still impose damage and danger to your home, particularly to your siding. To learn more about your preventive options and services of siding installation in Midland TX, Jones & Associates can provide you with more choices that are durable and long lasting.



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