Classic Window Designs for Traditional Architectures

One reason traditional architectural styles never run out of style is because of their quintessential windows. You can celebrate and highlight your home’s old-world charm with just the right kind of windows.


Classic Window Designs

In today’s blog, Jones and Associates wants to share some window replacement inspirations that generally do wonders for traditional homes:


Double-Hung Windows with Crisscross Grids


Many architectural movements of the past put a premium on symmetry. Nothing embodies a sense of balance than double-hung windows with a criss-cross grid pattern. Double-hung units with sashes of equal heights are standard for most traditional homes.


Although you no longer need grids for structural purposes, their addition would take back the beholder to the time when large glass wasn’t available. Besides, the façade of Colonial, Georgian, or Federal architecture won’t feel right without 12-over-12, 9-over-9, or 6-over-6 grids. The intersecting lines create a visual replication of full divided lights.


Casement Windows with Neutral Colors


When outfitting your traditional home with replacement windows, choose a neutral hue. Historical styles make a statement themselves; they don’t need colors that pop to scream for attention. They tend to lean toward conservative shades to create a laid-back vibe.


However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use bold hues anymore. Older architectures may favor colors on the mellow side, but they’d look refreshing with vibrant accents coming in brick, pine, chocolate, and other dark tones.


Bay Windows with Dark-Stained Wood Interior


Like its cousin styles, the Victorian is synonymous with bay windows. Modern home designs only borrowed the bay from the bygone era because it’s too functional and arresting to be forgotten.


Other than neutrals, you can’t go wrong with wood interiors. Rich wood tones lend warmth to your space, making your rooms more welcoming. To bring more character to your home, choose a dark woodgrain laminate interior, like antique cherry, for your windows replacement. Other forgiving choices are maple and oak.


But then again, not all of these suggestions apply universally. Each traditional architecture has its own design rulebook, which you should take into consideration.


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