Practical Benefits of Daylighting You may not Know

Other than minimal maintenance, increased daylighting is another unique advantage of replacing your windows in the 21st century. The sun is an asset that can make your home livable in more ways than you think.

Practical Benefits of Daylighting You May not Know

Practical Benefits of Daylighting That You may not Know

Modern windows have high-performance glass that blocks most of the sun’s unwanted rays while admitting desirable sunshine in. Adequate daylighting is equivalent to natural illumination. The sun can brighten up your space and improve lighting, keeping you from relying on artificial light bulbs to do everyday tasks.

Furthermore, abundant natural lighting helps reduce your heating costs. Unlike artificial lighting devices, the sun’s visible light doesn’t generate heat. And since energy saving windows filter out the infrared rays, expect your rooms to be well-lit and cool at the same time.


Studies suggest that a profusion of natural light has a direct impact on productivity and overall sense of satisfaction. If you work and study at home, a sunny environment can be advantageous to you.


The biophilia hypothesis states that humans have the innate affinity for nature. We have a deep-seated need to interact with natural landscapes, animals and other forms of life. If you invest in large, energy saving windows, you can enjoy sweeping and vibrant panoramas of the outside world night and day. Turning scenic views into artwork can make your home a perfect staycation destination.

Human Circadian System

The work of the winners of the 2017 Nobel Prize for medicine explains the importance of the human biological clock. The circadian rhythm must be in sync with the movement of the sun, which otherwise would significantly affect different bodily functions, including metabolism and sleep. Increased daylighting helps your body track the time of day and reduces the risk of various diseases.

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