3 Easy Ways to Customize New Windows – Part 2: Choosing Window Trim Colors and Styles

Windows would not be complete without trims or casings. Coincidentally, choosing trim color and style is also a way to customize windows to make them better reflect your personal style and preference while enhancing your home’s aesthetic.


Choosing Window Trim Colors and Styles

What are Window Trims?


Trims or casings are moldings that go around the window frames. While most window trims are beautiful enough to improve the look of any window, they are not installed simply for style and design purposes. Rather, they actually perform a more important role: covering gaps around windows to prevent the penetration of noise, heat, water and humidity.


Trims are installed inside to prevent regulated air  inside the home from escaping through the gaps between the window frame and wall opening. On the exterior side of the window, they are meant to seal the frame, blocking outdoor heat and drafts from entering the home.  


The windowsill works to keep the interior side dry while the exterior head trim or casing typically has a drip cap that keeps water from entering through gaps in the window opening. A cornice or crown can be added for decorative detail.


Choosing Window Trim Colors and Styles


You can customize both interior and exterior window trims by selecting your own preferred colors and styles. To get you started, keep these tips in mind:


  • For interior trims, it is common to choose styles and colors that generally match other casings and molding in the home, such as baseboards and door moldings, forming a cohesive look in the room.


  • On the other hand, choices for exterior window trims are endless. You can choose between the simplest picture-frame style trim and the most elaborate designs and millwork.


  • To make the choice easier, consider your home’s architectural design. For ranch homes, simple, picture-frame trims may look best while wide trims are great for Prairie and Craftsman style homes.


  • The more elaborate trim styles are best suited for equally elaborate home styles, such as Victorian, Colonial and English Cottage homes. You can also opt to extend the head casing, jambs, and sills or add cornices.


  • As for the color, you can pick shades that will complement the general motif of the home, especially if you have a traditional home style. For modern or contemporary homes, you can be more adventurous and select hues that will make your windows pop, turning them into focal points.


Stay tuned for the next post to see how you can make the most out of window hardware and grille pattern options.

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