3 Easy Ways to Customize New Windows – Part 3: Selecting Hardware and Grille Patterns


If you want to fully personalize and customize your windows, it is best to explore hardware and grille options available from your window contractor, as your choice will determine how classic or modern your replacement units will look. Additionally, grille patterns can help with controlling the effect light and shadows have on a room.


 Selecting Hardware and Grille PatternsHardware Options


Window hardware serves as the physical point of contact between the window and the person operating it. It also works to break the monotony of a window, like jewelry or other accessories.


For a classic, old-world charm, you can choose hinges, handles and locking mechanisms in brass, bronze or nickel finishes. On the other hand, silver, platinum or chrome-finished hardware typically work well for more contemporary styles.


Grille Patterns


Before, windows with smaller panes combined to form one big unit was the norm, as manufacturing huge glass panels was not yet possible. This is why window glass divided into smaller panes have become the trademark of older homes. While window production has come a long way, you can still channel that traditional and classic charm today by utilizing various grille patterns.


The small panes in a window are called lites. Originally, windows were manufactured by dividing the window frame with wood strips to create the smaller frames before lites were installed.


Nowadays, customizing grille patterns has become easier thanks to stick-on grilles. These grilles come in a wide range of colors and finishes and you can choose from a variety of patterns, including prairie, colonial, ladder, double ladder, pencil or contour, among others.


By customizing windows through changing their style and size, upgrading the window trims, and choosing your preferred hardware and grille pattern, you can effectively make your new windows truly your own, reflecting your personal style and making your windows unique . To make the most out of customization options available to you, don’t hesitate to consult with a reputable window contractor in your area.

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