How to Use Arched Windows to Their Best Effect

Arched windows can add architectural flair to your home, but they need a little consideration or your other design elements will work against them. To integrate them within your space or even make them stand out, Jones and Associates shares some practical tips:


How to Use Arched Windows to Their Best Effect


Add Circular Elements

Installing arched replacement windows in a room without any curves in it can make them feel out of place. Instead, introduce circular fixtures to complement their profiles. In bathrooms, you can tie in your arched glass units with a round mirror. In kitchens, circular fixtures or decor can echo the look of your semi-circular windows.

If you don’t want to add anything more to your existing room design, though, choose arched windows with legs instead. Having slight angles in lieu of graceful curves allows your units to harmonize with the other elements in your space in a subtle way.

Put a Premium on Repetition

A good idea in window replacement is to match the shape of your windows with the predominant architectural features of the home. This is why it’s best to install crescent units in rooms with arched cabinets and valances. The sense of repetition will promote continuity, reinforcing the personality of the area.

Frame with Rectangular Molding

If you have no semi-circular wall openings but love to have arched windows, use molding to make your replacement units fit into your space. The appearance of round glass within rectangular moldings lends character to the room.

Make It the Focal Point

If your room lacks a point of interest, give your arched windows a head-turning design to attract the eye. Color the trim and frame with something dark to energize the room and create a graphic look. In windows replacement, black trim can temper the profusion of sunlight too.

As your premier provider of Simonton® Platinum Prism windows, Jones and Associates gives you access to an impressive selection of round units. With plenty of customization options, we’ll help you design your new windows your way and bring your unique ideas to life. Call us at (806) 686-1380 now to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and estimate in Lubbock, Midland or Odessa, TX.

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