Why New Windows From Jones & Associates?


Sound Reduction

Money Saving Efficiency

Enhance Curb Appeal

Are the windows in your home drafty, hard to operate or inefficient?  Were they improperly installed or just worn out from aging? Do you find that your heating and cooling bills are rising every year?

If you experience these problems in your home, then it is time to replace your old windows with new, energy efficient replacement windows from Jones & Associates.

Installing custom-fit replacement windows from Jones & Associates will give your West Texas home added beauty, security, and energy efficiency. You will see a significant savings in your energy bill in the very first month after replacing your existing windows with new, energy efficient replacement windows.

Here are seven reasons why replacing your home’s windows offers exceptional value:

  1. Reduce your heating and cooling costs
  2. Eliminate significant amounts of Ultraviolet damage
  3. Make your home more comfortable and less drafty
  4. Give you a quieter home
  5. Virtually no maintenance
  6. Improve home security
  7. Enhance the “curb appeal” of your home

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