New Storm Doors From Jones & Associates


Sound Reduction

Reduce Energy Bills

Added Security

You might think of a creaky screen door as an ominous scene-setter in a horror film, but an energy-efficient storm door can offer additional security and sound reduction to your home. The front entryway to your house is your home’s first impression. You can secure that brand-new front door and even add curb appeal by including a new storm door installation from Jones & Associates.  

If your door is exposed to the elements, a screen door might be the right choice. However, a storm door might not be necessary if you have a brand-new, well-sealed, energy-efficient front door. In either case, you can use the screen portion of a storm door to enable air to flow through your home during nicer weather, in Spring or Fall.  

There are many advantages to storm doors, among them, are:  

  • Increased energy efficiency of your entry system  
  • Increase natural light while keeping out bugs  
  • Better ventilation when the weather if more moderate  
  • Provides additional security benefits  
  • Provides a protective barrier between the exterior door and the elements 

The storm door usually includes interchangeable screens and glass panels so the storm door can allow airflow through the house and enable more natural light into the home by keeping the primary door open and the storm door closed. In the winter season, the additional thermal barrier produced between your storm door and primary entry door assists to keep the home warmer and can help reduce your energy bills.  

In fact, doors exist to keep a barrier between your house from the outside world. They keep undesirable individuals, creatures, and elements out. They can also add character to your house. Storm doors allow for a great deal of flexibility. During the winter, glass is installed in the frame to secure your door from cold temperatures, snow, and particles blown from strong winds. The air pocket between the storm door and the exterior door acts as a layer of insulation during the cold months of winter. In the summertime though, everything can change. The glass can be replaced with a screen that will permit you to open your door and let airflow through your home. 

In circumstances where your porch and front door are somewhat unprotected, a storm door can take the impact of the hail, rain, and sleet that might harm your pricey exterior door. They’re also useful in deflecting the sun’s rays and diffusing the heat at your entrance. This can help to extend the life of your entry doors and prevent them from warping and fading.  

Storm doors also have several security benefits. The sturdy glass and extra locks can work to discourage an intruder from trying to enter your home. Storm doors can also be installed in the back of the house. This permits a homeowner to bring natural light in without allowing the noxious bugs and intruders inside the house. Glass storm doors can also let homeowners know when the household pet wants to come in from the yard.  

At Jones & Associates, we use and install Don Young Company storm doors. They are a local company providing a superior product. Their products include:   

  • Series 720 Combination w/Metal Kick Plate  
  • Series 740 Combination w/Glass Kick Plate  
  • Series 760 Full View Glass Door  
  • Series 810 Full View Insulating Glass Door  

They stock storm doors in most commonly used sizes, but can custom-build storm doors to fit almost any made-to-order application. Don Young doors use heavy extruded corner gussets that are stronger than a typical stamped steel gusset found in lesser doors. This helps keep the door frame square and sturdy. The doors use commercial-grade aluminum hinges tested beyond rack, sag, and squareness standards. They also offer optional screens, tinted glass, and 4 different handles to compliment any décor, and insulating glass is available in the Series 810 Full View Door, for added energy efficiency.  

When you’re ready to get an estimate on storm doors for your front or rear entrance, call Jones & Associates today.