Top Benefits of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

One of the most common questions we get from homeowners about energy-saving windows is what kind of benefits they can expect if they choose to make the investment. The actual benefits differ with every home, but you can expect the following if you choose to replace your windows.


Top Benefits of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows


Energy Savings

A properly insulated exterior is the key to energy savings as it prevents thermal transfer, or heat loss during winter and heat gain in the summer. Whereas insulation for exterior walls, doors and attic is readily available and can be installed easily, windows pose a bigger challenge. Glass is a naturally conductive material, so traditional single-panel windows are a virtual freeway for thermal transfer, which translates to increased heating and air conditioning requirements and therefore higher energy consumption.

The solution is dual-panel glazing, a primary feature of energy saving windows. An airspace between two glass panels eliminates contact between the interior and exterior surfaces, minimizing thermal transfer. When combined with non-conductive spacers and insulated window frames, it can significantly minimize your energy consumption. We incorporate all these features into our replacement windows.

Improved Utility

If you have windows that are hard to open and close and warped beyond repair, the improved utility of smoothly operating windows can be a big relief. Warped windows also tend to form gaps that allow heat to escape, so you’re also risking higher energy consumption by keeping your old windows. You can also consider a different style—maybe switch your old double-hung windows to casements for better energy efficiency. Or choose sliding windows for their space-saving benefits. Whatever you decide, hire only contractors who build custom window shapes for existing window openings, like Jones and Associates. Otherwise, you may need to spend more money on resizing your wall openings to accommodate off-the-shelf replacement windows.

Indoor Comfort

With the consistent indoor temperatures that energy-efficient windows bring, expect to enjoy a more comfortable home, regardless of the weather. Plus, our windows have low-emissivity coatings as well that block ultraviolet rays and heat from the sun; this means you can enjoy sunlight for as long as you want without feeling hot or worrying about faded fabric.

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