Why Simonton Platinum Prism Windows Mean High Energy Savings

Most Americans value energy efficiency, but only a few enjoy it. In fact, it’s one of the most unmet desires of homeowners. According to a study by The Demand Institute, only 35% of homeowners are satisfied with the current energy performance of their home. Indeed, the need for better energy efficiency at home would inspire more renovations. If you focus on the right home projects, you can begin seeing your utility costs drop without sacrificing your comfort.


High Energy Savings Windows


There are many ways to reach the summit of energy efficiency at home, but perhaps the fastest route is window replacement. What makes energy saving windows, especially Jones and Associates’s Simonton Platinum Prism units, so successful in lowering monthly utility bills? Here are the best reasons:


They are Relentless in Solar Reflectance

Compared with standard products, Simonton Platinum Prism windows feature ProSolar Low-E glass. Its transparent metallic coating is smart enough to allow only visible light through while keeping out the sun’s undesirable light. As a result, energy saving windows can keep most of the infrared and ultraviolet rays without affecting daylighting and view visibility.


They are Tough on Heat Transfer

Made of premium vinyl, Simonton Platinum Prism units are all outstanding insulators. With better thermal resistance than aluminum, wood, and even fiberglass, they outperform all of other popular materials on the market, leading to minimal heat loss. Combining the power of argon gas, Intercept spacer, and double-strength glass, you can maintain your desired indoor climate with less energy. You can see noticeable savings every month.


They Guarantee Lasting Performance

Simonton Platinum Prism energy saving windows come with Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering all of their key components, from the frame to the hardware. Plus, their 25-year Glass Breakage Warranty gives you peace of mind that they would remain structurally sound for over two decades.


On top of their manufacturer’s warranties, Jones and Associates provides you 10-year workmanship coverage. No matter where you look, our installation warranty is unbeatable hands down.


Experience the outstanding energy performance of Simonton Platinum Prism series only from Jones and Associates. We are the top window replacement company in Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa, TX. Call Jones and Associates today at (806) 686-1380 to schedule your in-home consultation and get your FREE estimate.


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