Popular Interior Trim Colors: Why and When to Use Them

Interior trim color is a small detail that makes a big difference. Get it right and it would dramatically enhance the look and feel of your rooms.


Popular Interior Trim Colors

To complement the beauty of your Simonton Platinum Prism replacement windows, Jones and Associates sheds light on the visual effects of common interior trim colors:




White isn’t the most forgiving color there is, but it’s actually a no-fail choice. You can paint classic white on plain trim and ornate moldings. It looks neat on both white and colored walls. Whatever interior design elements you have, white would instantly harmonize with everything. When using a dominant, bold color, white can tone things down without stealing the spotlight from the walls.


Since our replacement windows come in white, tan, and driftwood interiors as well as custom woodgrain laminate options, white is your safest bet.




Painting your interior trim with a midtone neutral shade lends sophistication to your space. Its subtle warmth gives your trim some character without screaming for too much attention.


Although neutral hues are usually associated with traditional home designs, they actually blend in well with modern ones. In fact, they can inject a transitional or eclectic vibe to your interior areas. Neutrals are also excellent at emphasizing windows and doors of a similar hue when juxtaposed with white walls.




Experts in windows replacement recommend black trim because it’s purposeful in many ways. It energizes any space, conceals imperfections, produces a graphic look, turns panoramic views into portraits, highlights height, and makes simple structure features more fascinating.


Painting your interior trim with a dark hue is perfect for contrasting the woodwork and creating more drama to your room. If you have a neutral palette that seems dull, rounding it out with black would instantly add life to it.


Let Jones and Associates help you choose the most suitable interior trim color for your home. Call us now at (806) 686-1380 for your FREE, in-home consultation and estimate in Lubbock, Midland, or Odessa, TX.

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