4 Excellent Steel Siding Color Ideas

When your vinyl siding is already showing signs of extensive wear and tear, you might want to replace it with a stronger and better option—steel. This material remains one of the most popular choices for siding due to its many rewarding features. These include its ability to hold color longer than other competitive materials, ensuring lasting beauty for your home. Steel is also available in a wide selection of colors, textures, and styles.



If you’re unsure what color to choose for your steel siding, turn to Jones & Associates, your trusted experts for siding installation in Lubbock, TX. Here are a few color ideas:


1. Use earth tones. When picking a siding color for your home, take color cues from your landscaping. Provide a more natural look to your home by choosing colors in earth tones. Soft browns or chocolate, tan, olive or darker greens will perfectly complement the surrounding greenery of your home.


2. Use colors to match your area’s climate. The weather patterns of the region can also clue you in picking the right siding color. For instance, use soft reds, tans, and browns, even light oranges for areas that mostly experiences hot and arid weather, like Texas. Homes in regions with tropical weather can use saffron, citrus, and other cheerful colors for siding. Calming shades of blue, gray, white, and black work better in colder climate conditions.


3. Use a color that complements your roof. You’ll want your steel siding to fit with other design elements. These include the roof, which takes up a large part of your home. If you have a dark-colored roof, choose a shade for your siding that’s a couple of degrees lighter. A roof in a more neutral tone allows more color choices for your exterior.


4. Use a color that matches your home’s architectural style. While you’re mostly free to select a siding color that fits your tastes, it’s fine to consider a shade that blends with your home’s style. A traditional home like Colonial, for instance, commonly uses a single color, like white. Nevertheless, you can choose unusual accents to provide a more contemporary twist to this scheme. Other styles, like Craftsman, cottage, and contemporary-modern homes offer more freedom in color selection.


If you want to learn more color choices for your steel siding, consult Jones & Associates. We’ll make sure that your exteriors provide increased curb appeal for your home. You can also expect that your siding installation in Midland, TX, will be smooth and worry-free.


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