Home Exterior: When and Why Choose White

In architecture, white is almost the universal exterior color of choice. It works with literally any hue and makes your home stand out from the natural world. Although it’s hard to fail with white, you should still use it thoughtfully.



Home Exterior


The leading siding contractor in Lubbock, TX, Jones and Associates, sheds further light on when and why you’d choose white:

Celebrate Character


White symbolizes the very spirit of the popular architectural styles today. With the exception of those built late in the 19th century, this color is perfect for most traditional homes. For instance, using white for your modest Cape commemorates the simplicity of its times. If you live in a Georgian, Federal, or Greek Revival, white is a reminder of the age of enlightenment when your home’s architecture was born.


Other than classic styles, white is a fitting color for many contemporary homes too. The “white box” introduced by Europeans in the 20th century chose the color to highlight the style’s intellectual purity. For Industrial Modern homes, white is one of the few colors that evokes the machine aesthetic the best.


Beat the Heat


Any roofing and siding contractor in Odessa, TX, would tell you that white exterior is a practical solution for natural indoor comfort. As opposed to darker tones, brighter shades repel the sun’s energy better and help keep your home from overheating. It may not look to good to choose white for both your roofing and siding systems, but make one of them light-colored for better efficiency.


Plus, the warm climate complements the beauty of a white-heavy home. From the deep blue skies to the lush green landscape, the vivid hues of nature would make your home stand out.


Articulate Architectural Detail


Any siding contractor in Midland, TX, would recommend predominantly white exterior if you want to accentuate your home’s richness of detail. From moldings to window grilles, door panels to roof seams, this color makes textures and shadows pop. Compared with other colors, white is an excellent tool to emphasize other elements for creating more visual weight.


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