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The installation of siding is not a DIY project. It requires years of training, on the job experience, and a complete understanding of the materials being used. Here at Jones & Associates, we have been installing siding in West Texas for more than 25 years, which makes us the most experienced siding company in Lubbock TX, Odessa TX, and in any of the surrounding towns.

Each year our siding contractors continue their education in the installation of siding thanks to factory classes hosted by our manufacturers. These classes keep them up to date on the latest and greatest in the world of siding installation for Odessa TX area homes, and give us a leg up on other siding contractors who don’t put the time or effort into constantly bettering their services.

When you turn to Jones & Associates for siding installation in Midland TX or any of the surrounding towns, you’ll see a time-tested installation process in action. From the moment we step onto your property for our FREE in-home consultation, to the moment we finalize our cleanup and drive away, you will be treated in a professional, courteous manner. Our crews work quickly and efficiently, never slacking off or falling behind schedule. Whether we are replacing existing siding or installing it brand new, the quality of our service never wavers.

You have many options when choosing siding, but here at Jones & Associates we believe that only one siding material is truly appropriate for the West Texas climate- steel siding. We are the area’s number one source for durable, high strength steel siding and our expertise in the installation of this product is unmatched.

We have been installing siding in West Texas since 1987, and through the years we have seen hundreds of other siding companies come and go. Some stuck around for a year or two, some even made it past a decade. But none had the drive or the dedication to quality that has kept us in business these 25+ years. Our ability to design and install siding projects that provide valuable return on investment has made us the top choice for siding installation in Lubbock TX, Odessa TX, Midland TX, and beyond!

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