3 Easy Ways to Customize New Windows – Part 1: Changing Window Style and Size

Updating a home’s exterior typically involves projects such as roof replacement, siding installation and window replacement. For each of these projects, there are also a multitude of ways to improvise and customize to ensure optimal results. For window replacement, one of the ways to customize a unit is by changing style and size.


Changing Window Style and Size

A Fresh Look: Changing Window Styles


Aside from energy efficiency and safety purposes, a major reason why homeowners replace their old windows is to change the look not only of their windows but their entire home as well. A surefire way to do this is by choosing a totally different window style altogether.


Changing window styles can bring a noticeable yet less drastic improvement. If you replace your old windows yet install the exact same window style, it may look like you didn’t get window replacement at all. For more stand-out results , it is important to choose a new window style that will still match your home’s architectural design. Better yet, you can have replacement windows customized based on new specifications.


Changing Window Size: Considerations and Advantages


If switching from one window style to another is not enough to achieve the new look you are envisioning for your home, you may also consider altering a window’s size. This is especially beneficial if you want to open up your home to make it look larger and bigger, and to frame a striking outdoor view.


However, when changing window size, the structural condition of the home should be carefully examined and considered. Generally, when changing window height, it is best to work from the bottom down. You can also choose to expand horizontally, if the structure allows it.


Be sure to consult a window replacement or home design professional who can help you find the new window styles sizes that will suit your home without compromising function and structural stability.


In the next post, we’ll take a look at how changing window trim colors can give your replacements an aesthetic boost. Stay tuned!

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