4 Reasons to Love Simonton® Garden Windows

Whether you want to make your space more functional or have your own mini-greenhouses at home, installing garden windows is a smart choice. With the variety of features Simonton® has to offer, you can enjoy the advantages of this window style to the fullest.


Garden Windows

As the authority in windows replacement in Odessa, TX, Jones and Associates wants to share the great things that Simonton’s garden windows can do for you. Here are some of them:


Style Up Both Interiors and Exteriors


Garden windows by Simonton are versatile in style. Available in both tan and white, you can mix and match both chic colors to transform the look of your home from inside out. Simonton also offers the same hues for hardware finishes, allowing you to create beautiful visual harmony. Since they jut out into the outdoors, their projection lends more interest to your exterior design.


While garden windows have a place in any home style, Simonton offers different grid styles and patterns to accentuate your architecture’s distinctive character. This way, you can make your replacement windows in Midland, TX, historically accurate to your home’s signature appearance.


Provide You More Shelf Space


The extra space provided by garden windows makes a pleasant spot for foliage, photos, vases, or practically anything you want to display. Generally, these fixtures feature ornamentals and flowers to make Mother Nature a part of your home design.


Offer Plenty of Daylighting


Just like bows and bays, garden windows comprise multiple glass panels to usher in sunlight from different directions. This is why you can enjoy daylighting longer and catch plenty of sunshine even after peak hours.


Improve Your Ventilation


Apart from their fixed central glass, these replacement windows in Lubbock, TX, have movable side panels to promote natural ventilation. Casement-style, cranking out the side windows simultaneously lets fresh outdoor drafts breeze in while allowing your stale indoor air out. When closed, these movable panels are inherently energy-efficient. You can shut them tight and minimize air leaks.


Let’s figure out the best place to install garden windows in your home. Call Jones and Associates now at (800) 658-2060 and schedule your free in-home consultation at your convenience.

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