3 Key Ingredients That Make Simonton® Windows Efficient

Simonton® products are some of the most efficient replacement windows you could ever buy. Being ENERGY STAR®–certified, Simonton is the ultimate choice to keep your home comfortable during Lubbock’s freezing winters and muggy summers.

Energy Saving Windows

As the premier source of energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX, Jones and Associates wants to shed light on the green features of Simonton replacement windows. Here are some of them:


Premium Vinyl Framing

When it comes to heat flow resistance, Simonton’s vinyl framing is far superior to aluminum and steel. It’s an excellent insulator, trapping your indoor heat during winter and keeping your conditioned air inside during summer.


Thanks to its exceptional thermal properties, Simonton’s premium vinyl window frame allows you to achieve your desired indoor climate with less energy. Although heat loss is impossible to stop completely, the amount of energy transfer into and out of your home is significantly minimized.

Advanced Low-E Coating

One of the key ingredients of Simonton’s energy saving windows in Midland, TX, is ProSolar® Low-E glass. This layer of defense only blocks the sun’s longwave infrared radiation while allowing its shortwave energy to pass through. In other words, this Low-E coating can reflect the sun’s heat without preventing natural light from entering your home. And since it’s transparent, you can enjoy plenty of daylighting without causing your home to become too warm for comfort.


To block harmful UV rays, Simonton also offers ProSolar® Shade. This spectrally selective glass keeps you and your valuable protected against solar damage.

Thermally Prohibitive Spacer Systems

Simonton uses a variety of spacer systems made from different low-conductivity materials, including stainless steel and solid silicone foam, to prevent the Argon gas from escaping. Simonton energy saving windows in Odessa, TX, have an inert gas between the glass panes to reduce heat transfer profoundly.


All of these spacer systems are engineered to stay intact for years and prevent seal failure. By reducing sealant stress, you can expect your Simonton replacement windows to be efficient for the years to come.


Take your home’s energy efficiency to new heights with Simonton windows. Call Jones and Associates now at (800) 658-2060 and schedule your free in-home consultation to plan your project and get an estimate.

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