How Different Window Styles Ventilate Your Home Differently

Ventilating your home effectively depends on the location of your windows and the size of the wall openings you have. That said, you can still maximize your ventilation no matter what kind of home you have. All you need are the right window styles.

Window Styles

As the leader in window replacement in Lubbock, TX, Jones and Associates wants to share the top types of windows for natural ventilation. Take note of the ventilating properties of these styles:




There are many reasons this particular style is popular. Since you can crank casement fixtures out completely, you’re more able to let plenty of fresh outdoor air inside. Its operation also allows you to control and direct ventilation.


Bay or Garden


With two operable side panels, both bay and garden windows promote good ventilation. When open at the same time, these replacement windows in Odessa, TX, let you enjoy cool breezes from two directions.




The biggest advantage of bow windows is that their multiple panels can all be movable. Without any fixed pane of glass, you have more opportunity to allow drafts to enter your home and ventilate your space. The best part is: you’re in complete control of the amount of air that streams in. You can choose whether to open all four or five panels completely or slightly, separately or simultaneously.




Sliding windows naturally cover large wall openings. Although you can only open one panel completely at a time, one is often enough to ventilate your interiors.



Ventilation may not be the main reason double-hung windows are popular for any windows replacement in Midland, TX, but their two operable sashes helps increase the flow of air in your room.


Like sliding fixtures, you can also fully open either one sash at a time, though opening both the top and bottom panels halfway already ventilates the space effectively. Your indoor air would use the sash to go out as it warms up.


Let us help you decide on the right window styles for your home to improve your ventilation. Call Jones and Associates now at (800) 658-2060 and schedule your free in-home consultation.

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