Video: Your Checklist for Your Annual Window Inspection

Window Inspection


One way to get the best energy performance from your windows is to check them at least once a year. This way, you can see if any of the components is compromised and needs some fixing.



Jones & Associates is a proud distributor of replacement windows in Lubbock, TX, made by Simonton®. Let us share with you a checklist to make sure you’re ready for the annual upkeep of your window:

Make Sure They’re Locked

When unlocked, you can’t be completely positive that no hot or cold air enters your home—and vice versa. Locking your fixtures is the only to make sure they’re all the closed. If you can’t fully close them, be sure to have them fixed immediately.

See If the Reveal Is Even

When you open your window, there’s about a quarter of an inch gap at the bottom sash. That’s called the reveal. It has to look even from left to right.

Assess the Weather-Stripping

In any windows replacement in Odessa, TX, the weatherstrip is paramount to seal the edges of your fixtures against the outdoor air. It has to be even and show no signs of damage.


To find it, check the sides of your window where the sash meets the window frame. Other than that, peek inside your window sash and look for its weather-stripping. To locate the interior weather-strip, find for the tilt latches at the window sash’s top, pull in the latches, and tilt the window sash.


It’s not uncommon for the outer weather-strip to wear sooner than the inside, but it’s fairly easy to replace when necessary.

Check If the Pre-Drilled Holes Are Filled

All Simonton replacement windows in Midland, TX have four pre-drilled holes used to hold the fixtures in place. These holes should be filled with 100% silicone.

Inspect the Outdoor Sealant

Between the frame of your window and the frame of your house, there should be a sealant. It protects your home against air and water infiltration, so it has to be intact. If you think it’s cracked in any way, you can seal the perimeter with silicone.


Regular maintenance can add years to your windows and preserve their high energy performance. If you have questions and learn more about weatherizing your fixtures, call Jones & Associates now at (800) 658-2060.

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