4 Window Styles for Excellent Ventilation

Ventilation is important to clean your air inside the house, and create a cool indoor temperature without relying on any HVAC equipment. No fixture lets fresh air flow freely in your home better than windows. That being said, you should be particular with your style choice.


Window Styles

As the authority in window replacement in Lubbock, TX, Jones & Associates wants to share with you the best window styles to improve your ventilation and their functionality. This way, you’ll know which ones are apt for certain rooms.




This is the most popular in the country because its two sashes move vertically and can be opened. Although only half of the window can be completely open at a time, the double-hung style is perfect in areas with regular foot traffic. That is because double-hungs don’t crank out.




Of all the window styles, our casement replacement windows in Odessa, TX, offer maximum ventilation. Especially if they’re used for egress in bedrooms, cranking them outward completely will let plenty of fresh air in with their wide openings.


On the contrary, the casement style allows you to prevent outdoor air from entering. The window sash presses against the frame, producing an airtight seal. As it opens outward, casement windows may not be advisable next to places where people usually gather.




Slider fixtures move horizontally and don’t open outward. They’re similar to double-hung windows, but open side to side instead. While you can also open just window at one time, you can still control the amount of fresh air breezing in. Let the muggy indoor air out by slightly opening both left and right sashes.




In any window replacement in Midland, TX, awning fixtures are usually installed high in the wall to provide good ventilation and daylighting without sacrificing privacy. They operate like the casement style, only they pivot on hinges mounted at the top. Opening awning windows during a rainstorm lets the cool breeze to come minus the water, protecting your valuables against detrimental moisture.


Jones & Associates offers an extensive selection of window styles. Call us now at (800) 658-2060 to schedule your free in-home consultation and let’s get your project started.


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