How Daylighting Benefits You and Your Home

Daylighting is the practice of lighting your indoor spaces with natural light, achieved by carefully selecting the window styles and where they’re installed in. Aside from its aesthetic effects, daylighting has several benefits, most of which can be achieved by simply investing in energy saving windows. Let Jones and Associates share with you what these benefits are.

 Daylighting Benefits

Reduced Energy Consumption

Daylighting helps you reduce your reliance on electrical lighting by serving as your primary indoor lighting during the day, reducing your lighting requirements by half and consequently reducing your energy consumption.

You might think that you’ll need large windows or even floor-to-ceiling windows, but it’s actually a matter of window placement and choosing the right window style. For example, a small clerestory window installed on an east-facing wall works better for daylighting than a bigger window that opens north. Our wide selection of replacement window styles ensures you will find the style that works with your home style and daylighting requirements.

Health Benefits

If you’re conscious about your family’s health, now may be a good time to invest in energy saving windows. Several studies have been conducted over the years, all of which found connections between daylighting and how it benefits human health:

  • Science magazine published an article in 1984, reporting that surgery patients inside rooms with a view—open sky, trees, and sunlight—recovered 8.5% faster and required less postoperative medication compared to patients who recovered in windowless rooms.

  • The Pacific Gas and Electric Company conducted a study in 1999, reporting a high correlation between increased daylighting in classrooms and increased test scores. A follow-up study in 2002, published in Leukos magazine, examined this effect in detail.

  • Several studies have reached the same conclusion that daylighting is essential to regulating the human body clock. People who work in windowless offices— or other environments that prevent exposure to 24-hour day-and-night cycles—tend to have disrupted sleep cycles, which could lead to chronic sleep debt.

Our Replacement Windows

If you’re worried that the increased amount of sunlight will heat up your home, make sure you choose energy-efficient replacement windows, particularly those with low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and high Visible Transmittance ratings, which lets you enjoy the maximum amount of sunlight without accompanying solar heat. Our Simonton Prism® Platinum replacement windows have all these features and more.

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