4 Ways Unusual Window Shapes Add Appeal to Your Home

Leave it to unusual window shapes to add visual interest to your home, whether you’re adding it to complement your existing windows or as part of a new window replacement. But how does it make your home more appealing?


Unusual Window Shapes

Let’s take a closer look:


1. It adds visual height – Tall windows give an impression of height without actually extending the ceiling height, but sometimes the house’s shape wouldn’t allow for tall windows. Adding geometric windows like customized transoms are especially effective if your home has curved or non-square ceilings. You can increase your existing windows’ visual height and choose to follow the ceiling shape for a unified look, which is something that simply can’t be done with regular windows.


2. It adds natural lighting in tight spaces – Your home likely has one: a tight area that would either look odd or couldn’t physically fit a typical window. This is where unusually-shaped windows are perfect for. For instance, a converted attic room or gable would benefit from the additional natural light provided by a circular window or even an equilateral triangle that follows the roof’s angle. It would look much better compared to, say, a rectangular picture window installed in the same place.



3. It unifies disparate windows – If certain areas in your home calls for different window styles, avoid creating a rambling design by adding similar geometric windows above every window. Try it out yourself: draw different windows replacement styles, then add a half-circle fixed window with a distinct grille pattern. Despite the different styles, the additional geometric windows become a unifying element. This is ideal for parts of your home that were built at different times and you’re not ready for a major remodel just yet.



4. It’s an alternative to sidelights – If you don’t have enough doorway space for sidelights but you need to brighten up your entryway, add an oversized geometric window at the top. In addition to emphasizing the foyer height, it also highlights additional details you might have, such as a crystal chandelier.


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