6 House Areas and Their Ideal Window Styles

Choosing which window style goes to which room is a combination of many factors. Consultants, designers, and architects don’t just mix and match whatever happens to look good or trending at the time. In fact, the room itself plays a large part when choosing replacement windows.

Window Styles

Here’s our quick guide to what window styles work best in which room.

  1. Bathrooms – Bathrooms require privacy and efficient ventilation, two features that seldom go hand-in-hand when window selection is concerned. Transom windows and skylights are typical choices, but with creative window treatments, you can choose casement or bay windows.

  2. Bedrooms – Most window styles work on bedrooms, but the best window styles provide ventilation and natural light. Bay or bow windows are popular choices as well as picture windows for homes with modern architectural design. Medium-sized bedrooms can benefit from casement, slider, or double hung windows.

  3. Living rooms – Living rooms are easily the largest room in the house so a bit of excess can be expected, if only to showcase the best elements of your home. Large windows like bay or bow, casement, or garden windows are great choices for replacement windows. If you’re concerned if these windows will introduce unwanted indoor heat, our replacement window options feature insulated frames and double-panel glass with Low-E coatings that help reduce thermal transfer.

  4. Dining rooms – Dining rooms are often used during evenings, so natural lighting isn’t much of a requirement. Choose simple to operate windows like casement windows. Smaller dining rooms can benefit from bay or bow windows with their additional seating space.

  5. Kitchens – Being the busiest area in any home, kitchens need indoor lighting, efficient operation, and storage space. Casement windows with reliable cranks are prime candidates as well as garden windows. Double hung or slider windows are good choices, especially if they’ll be installed along footpaths. Make sure, however, that the sliding mechanisms operate smoothly.

  6. Home offices and family rooms – These rooms would typically have computers or TVs, so screen glare reduction is a factor, which can be controlled with Low-E coatings or window treatments. Bay windows can add extra seating or storage space (perfect for storing game controllers and disks), or it can be configured as a recessed desk space for home offices.

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