Hailstorm Damage on Your Home? Steel Siding Might Do Wonders


Do thunderstorms and hailstorms make you feel worried every time they come and blow your city away? Well, this is a common response of many homeowners as these harsh weather conditions can be a great threat to the safety of our home. In Lubbock and its neighboring cities, preparation is a necessity, as myfoxlubbock.com evidently reported:


We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds, high near 84, wind SE 12-18mph. An isolated thunderstorm is possible over the western parts of our area this afternoon. We do expect storms to develop across New Mexico this afternoon. These will move east, with a better chance for showers and thunderstorms here this evening, tonight into early tomorrow morning. It’ll probably be close to sunset, or a few hours of sunset, when storms get close to Lubbock. It’s not a guarantee everyone will see storms, but a decent line should move west to east across the area.


The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted much of our area and points west into New Mexico with the risk for severe storms, including Lubbock, shown in yellow below. Primary threats tonight will be golf ball-size hail and gusts stronger than 65mph.


How do we keep our family safe from threats of thunderstorms and hailstorms? Aside from the protection we get from our roof and windows, siding can also contribute to shielding your house from the wrath of extreme weather conditions.


Steel siding is thicker and heavier than other types, making it less prone to dents and damage caused by hail and extreme wind. Furthermore, it is also fireproof and non-combustible, making it the most durable and long lasting kind for your home. For steel siding installation in Lubbock TX, hire a reliable contractor to guarantee the quality of the service and materials installed on your home.


For steel siding that can add protection to your home against wind, rain, ice, and hail, we at Jones & Associates have the excellent skills for siding installation in Midland TX which can make your home durable and safe for your family in times of thunderstorms and hailstorms.


(Article Excerpt From Severe storms possible tonight, Fox34 News, myfoxlubbock.com, June 13,2014)

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