Frequently asked questions for home’s siding installation


Many homeowners are interested in sprucing and firming up their homes this season with the benefits of siding. Queries from residents of Texas regarding siding installation were answered below by local contractor Jones & Associates.


Q: Could DIY be at par with contractor in terms of siding installation quality?


A: While many home improvement websites suggest making siding installation a DIY project, the truth of the matter is, it should never be done on your own. This actually requires skills, understanding of the process and materials that are usually acquired through years of experience and rigorous training.


Q: Are those contractors who offer cheap costs for siding installation credible?


A: Homeowners are having a hard time to entrust their homes these days because of rampant cases of frauds as an article from explains why:


Crooks go where the money is. So with Americans spending more than $500 billion a year on remodeling and home improvement projects, it’s no surprise that home improvement has become a favorite target for fraud artists. Some of these shady characters use amazingly well-polished contractor scams that are tricky to spot until it’s too late.


They will usually lure clients with cheap offer and will add costs during installation work. Because they are not legit, they would provide sloppy works – like unfitting sidings and cheap materials – and would just run away with your money. Thus, it would only lead you to overspending and worse, puts your exterior in its worst state.


Q: What are the bases of a good siding contractor in Lubbock TX?




  • Should be only installing quality siding materials and properly fitted as well to ensure durability and efficiency of the client’s home.
  • Should be recognized and certified by manufacturers in the industry
  • Should be following the standard requirement in the construction industry, to avoid installation deficiencies and inconsistencies.


If you are looking for a siding contractor in Midland TX and other neighboring areas, we at Jones & Associates are dedicated to provide the highest quality services by thoroughly participating in the siding installation classes hosted by our manufacturers yearly. This allows our crew to keep themselves updated with the latest trend, process, and style in the siding industry. That’s how we put our dedication in every project efficiently and effectively.


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