A Wise Home Upscale Project: Home Siding Replacement


The Hub City annually celebrates a one of a kind festival that brings house experts, homebuyers, and homeowners together to see and be inspired to beautifully built houses. The Lubbock’s Parade of Homes, according to the article released by lubbockonline.com, opens opportunities for residents and prospectors to have a look and upgrade to a new home:


Of the 26 homes displayed at last year’s Parade of Homes, 25 were sold within a month of the event.


Builders are hoping to repeat that success at Lubbock’s 56th Parade of Homes, which begins Saturday and runs until June 29.


Mitchell Anderson, the parade chairman and local builder, said going to the parade is like going to look for new cars, except they’re homes.


“It’s our association’s way of having a large open house and builders to be able to show new products and new innovative ideas that are out in the market,” Anderson said.


This continuously inspires many residents in Lubbock to upgrade their homes and unleash their creative side in home improvement. However, experts suggested that not every remodeling project idea you might think of is a wise move for your investment. It is essential to look for what not only brings beauty to his/her home, but also what is quality, efficient, and long lasting.


In home improvement projects, siding replacement is a great home upscale component for exterior. Not only for aesthetic purposes but due to its durability and weather resistance, making it a practical choice for added protection to your home.


One example is steel siding, which minimizes the damage caused by tough weather conditions. Apart from its durability, it is also made stylish and trendy to match your personal preferences. For a specific hue, style, and texture, you may ask an expert siding company in Lubbock TX to assist you.


We at Jones & Associates have the most durable and stylish siding that would make your home stand out among the rest. We are also the trusted siding company in Midland TX that can surely attend to your siding concerns.


 (Article Excerpt From 56th Parade of Homes begins Saturday, lubbockonline.com, June 11,2014)

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