Window Style Series: Focusing on Casement Windows

Casement windows are the earliest form of movable windows. These windows have hinges at the side, and swing open—either inward or out. With their size and tight seal, casement windows are perfect for compact spaces.


At Jones & Associates, we make sure to provide the best replacement windows in Lubbock, TX, and the surrounding areas. Versatile and attractive, casement windows provide plenty of conveniences for you and your home, such as:


  1. Ensure energy efficiency


Since pressing the sash against the frame closes the window, it creates an airtight seal. This helps in preventing air entry and leakage. Casement windows are beneficial during winter since they prevent warmth from escaping your home.



  1. Provide Excellent Ventilation


Enjoy lower costs in your next electric bill. When you open a casement window, these can open all the way. This means better natural ventilation for your home in the summer, while also providing access to more natural light in a room. Casement windows can be a helpful alternative to air conditioning in hot weather conditions.


  1. Easy to Close/Open


Casement windows only use single-lever latches or tandem latches. Tha means opening or closing them is will not be difficult, at all.


  1. Allow Extensive View of the Outdoors


Casement windows can open up your view of your surroundings. These have fewer muntins — the strips of wood or metal that divide the glass panes in a window. You can enjoy a more expansive view of the outdoors with the added benefit of ventilation.


  1. Available in Assorted Designs


Casement windows come in a variety of lovely designs. Some of the popular ones are French, top down grille, colonial grille, flat top, and pushout. Casement window materials include steel, wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. You have the option to customize them to your preferred size and color.




Casement windows remain a popular choice for windows replacement in Odessa, TX. Nevertheless, make sure that you work with a trusted contractor to help you with the installation. Jones & Associates offers a broad selection of replacement windows of every size, shape, and style. For more than 25 years, we have been the top choice for quality materials and superb installations in West Texas and surrounding areas.


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