Why There are Different Quotes for Replacement Windows in Lubbock, TX


A homeowner in Lubbock or Odessa rings up contractor A, explains he or she needs new windows, asks how much installation will cost, and receives a quote. The person calls contractor B, does the same thing, and gets a different quote. Then, he or she calls contractor C, and gets yet another quote. Maybe the costs named differ by just a few dollars. Maybe one quote is considerably higher than the other.

The average homeowner would probably ask: Why are there different quotes for replacement windows in Lubbock, TX or in Odessa, TX? That’s a fair question. There are at least three factors that determine the cost of window installation: the professional chosen for the task, the type of windows to be used, and how many windows have to be replaced.


One can hire a jack-of-all-trades handyman or a professional window company for the job. Although hiring a handyman can lower the job’s costs, one might also have to wait longer for him to complete work if there are numerous windows to change. A professional window company, though it could charge more, can provide a full crew to replace the windows faster.


The type of window also dictates the costs. According to a recent article published by Angie’s List:


Awning and casement windows, for example, are relatively easy to install and come with a simple set of moving parts that allow them to swing open slightly. Double-hung windows, meanwhile, require more precise installation in order to open and close smoothly, whereas bay windows need proper support (typically cantilevered from below) to ensure they last.


The more time and effort installation takes, the more you’ll pay. In addition, the number of glass panes in windows affects cost.


Combine these two factors with the number of windows that need replacing, and you’ll better understand the projected costs of a job. Other factors can include the expertise of the contractor and other materials to be used.


When considering quotes, though, remember that the price tag should not be the only basis of your choice of contractor as you plan for windows replacement in Odessa, TX or in Lubbock, TX. Make sure that you also screen contractors to figure out which experienced professionals, like Jones & Associates, can give you the best value for your money.

(Info from Why window replacement costs aren’t always open and shut, Angie’s List, September 10, 2013)

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