Points to Consider When Choosing Energy Saving Windows in Lubbock, TX




If the windows of your home in Lubbock are 15 years old or older, then it’s just about time to replace them. It’s a good time to use energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX, too. That’s because winter is fast approaching, and evenings are bound to get chillier—if not downright freezing. Energy-saving windows can help you keep warm air inside your house and your electricity bills down as you start turning on heaters to battle the cooler weather.

If chosen and installed correctly, energy-efficient windows make a great investment for your home. Replacing your windows can become tricky, though, as you try to think of the kind of window to choose, determine the number of windows to change, and figure out the costs of the job. Angie’s List advises that you focus on three things when going about such a project.


Fix a part or the whole?


Find out what you really have to do. In some cases, you might only need to fix a part of your windows, such as the frame or sash. In other cases, however, replacing the entire fixture is in order. Then, get detailed estimates from at least three contractors in your area and compare them side by side.


Performance ratings


There are a lot of choices for windows out there, some of which may be more energy-efficient than others. Looking at two product labels can help you choose which to get: the ENERGY STAR rating of the U.S. Department of Energy, and that of the National Fenestration Rating Council. These labels can tell you which window is most efficient for your home. An ENERGY STAR window may even qualify you for tax credits.


Brand X or brand Y


With an idea of which kind of energy-saving window is most suitable for you, you’re pretty much left with just choosing the brand you will get. It helps to choose a brand well-known for their good product quality and service. If you want to save money, be sure to look at the warranties offered by your prospective brands.


Of course, you can always ask an experienced professional to look at your home and determine the most efficient energy-efficient windows for it. Companies like Jones & Associates can spare time to find the most suitable energy saving windows in Odessa, TX and in Lubbock as well.


(Info from Choosing the right replacement windows, Angie’s List, September 30, 2013)

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