Welcome 2015 with These Siding Maintenance Tips!


As a siding company in Lubbock TX, our crew members here at Jones & Associates cherish the importance of siding in every home. Siding has proven itself to be a good investment – it can give you as much as 79% of your investment back, according to research. To help it become stronger and last longer, and to keep your investment afloat as well, performing maintenance on your siding is a must. You can even make this a priority for the New Year!


Here’s how:


1. Use a broom to get rid of cobwebs, insects, and sediments off the siding. This will washing the siding easier.

2. Combine soap, half a gallon of water, and ½ cup trisodium phosphate (Na3PO4) in a bucket. Divide your siding into 10-foot sections and scrub each section with a long-handled brush, cleaning your siding from bottom to top. If you have a garden hose, you can use this to rinse your siding of dirt and debris. Be careful when you’re cleaning near the doors or the windows; water may seep in.

3. Perform inspections on your siding. You can simply walk around your home at take a close look at your siding. Check for damage – cracked, peeled off, blistered, among other signs. If you’re not quite satisfied with your own inspection, you can call on Jones & Associates, a trusted siding company in Midland TX, to perform a more thorough inspection for you. We will be providing you with an assessment and a recommendation.

4. Should you notice scratches on your siding (especially metal), it’s best to prime and repaint the material.

5. Do the necessary siding repairs/replacement that we have recommended as soon as possible. Promptly doing these patch-ups will help to avoid the worsening of whatever condition your siding is currently in.


We hope you will be able to take care and maintain your siding well through these simple tips. Should you encounter any problems, please feel free to call us anytime – we’ll be glad to help you out.

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