10 Holiday Window Decoration Safety Tips


Before this year closes its curtains to usher a new season, have you fulfilled your checklist of to-do and booked your last-minute travel plans? There’s something about the holidays that sends people into panic mode. So don’t let decorating be one of them. Set aside some time to enjoy setting up your window decorations without the hassle. Follow these 10 safety tips:


  • Make sure you hang your window decorations during the day. Simply put, it’s easier to work when you see what you’re actually doing.


  • Consider the weather. If there’s a big chance of rain or snow, schedule it some other time to avoid mishaps.


  • Check if you have everything you need before actually starting. Plan ahead; make a checklist. This will lessen your trips to the store and give you more time for decorating.


  • Follow the directions carefully when spraying artificial snow on your windows. Inhaling this substance may be harmful to your health. In addition, following safety rules will not compromise the condition of your new windows replacement in Midland TX.


  • Outdoor and indoor lights; there’s a difference. When you shop for lights, look for labels that say “outdoor” to avoid fire hazard.


  • Do not link more than three strands end to end. If you need more power, start back at the source with a fourth strand.


  • Turn of all lights before you go to sleep or go out of town. Unplug extension cords from the power source when not in use.


  • We do not recommend using actual candles or any flammable items as window decorations, especially when you have curtains or draperies.


  • According to the National Safety Council, some plant decorations look good enough to eat for small kids. But there are certain holiday plants that are poisonous so keep them out of children’s reach. To name a few:  holly berries, mistletoe, amaryllis, and Jerusalem cherry.


  • To keep the good condition of your new window replacement in Lubbock TX, use decorations that are not sharp and not too difficult to remove after the holiday bliss.


Stay safe and happy in the middle of the holiday rush and seasonal blues. Don’t let drafty and inefficient windows be part of the problem. Install our beautiful and custom-fit window replacements from us here at Jones & Associates. Give us a call today and schedule a FREE in-home consultation.

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