Adding Color to Your Home: Window Colors Matter


Pablo Picasso once said “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”. Colors can affect one’s disposition so to speak. According to the psychology of colors, certain shades are associated with eyestrain, increased metabolism, and increased blood pressure. For instance, warm colors induce feelings of comfort and warmth while cool colors tend to elicit feelings of calmness, sadness, and indifference.


What do you do on a lazy day at home? Watching the television? Perhaps, having a cup of coffee in your patio while enjoying the sunset view? Everywhere you look and whatever you do, there it is: color. It rolls with your way of living.


Importance of Window Color

Your windows, among other things, are usually painted with classic colors. It’s your walls, furniture and draperies that are frequently shaded or decorated. But did you know that colors can sway your thinking, actions, and reactions? Colors are a powerful form of communication that when correctly used, can create a positive, long-lasting effect.


By the way, more color doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for your replacement windows in Midland TX – talk about balance and perspective. But color plays a significant role in our home to say the least. Here’s how:

1.       It boosts the ambience of the room essentially. Window colors add a certain kick to your elegant home design. Most homeowners like their windows plain and coated with basic colors, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The great thing about shaded windows is that when everything else is white or cream in color, its eccentricity stands out and becomes the center of attention.



2.       It enhances the curb appeal of your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home or you simply want to improve your structure, adding color to your windows will also increase curb appeal.



3.       It soothes your eyes. Remember how your eyes search for something green or blue when it’s tired? Your windows can do the trick. It’s not just blue and green; you can use other colors but just make sure it matches your interior. When in doubt, check with the experts.



4.       It creates an illusion of space. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery in Texas by using windows with wide openings. Using the right color will increase your viewing experience.



5.       It makes the homeowner feel good generally. Stressed from work? The color of your window can uplift your mood in no time.


Color is important in the world we live in and your windows will make good canvass.


BONUS TIPS: Have no idea how to select a good window color? Check out these 5 tips:


1. Choose colorful window frames that lend color to the exterior of your home. Some window companies offer windows with colors that are already infused into the frame material; a convenient solution for homeowners who have little to no time to spend on shops. If not, have them painted accordingly.
2. Look around your neighborhood and determine which color palette is present. Many homes usually have one base color plus two other colors to accentuate their home – one for doorways, window frames and garage door – another for the trim.
3. Use your windows as your interior’s focal point. Remember to not use obscure colors for a room that’s already painted with a heavy tone. Accentuate don’t exaggerate. For your next replacement windows in Lubbock TX, select styles that create extra spaces like bay windows.
4. Make use of a theme. To make life easier, you can plan ahead and make consider a theme. Incorporate colors that complement, accentuate, and highlight each other.


The color of your window matters to your home and selecting a good tone shouldn’t be stressful; just know the basics and you’re good to go.


Here at Jones & Associates, we offer vinyl replacement windows that color fast and won’t chip, rust or fade. They are easy to maintain and provides superior thermal performance. Give us a call today for more information on colors and for your window replacement needs.

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