Harsh 2015 Weather is Coming: Prepare Your Siding


According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Texas will experience the coldest and snowiest period of winter during December 2014 up to late January 2015. February can be a little warmer, but come March, temperatures will reach five degrees below zero – the coldest yet after December and January. April and May will become wetter yet warmer compared to February, which is just the average heat for Texas.


Summer during late June, July, and August will be hotter and drier than usual – all the while, there’s a possibility of a hurricane hitting the state. Come September, precipitation will at its all-time high; while October will be the time for preparation for winter as the temperature drops and precipitation decreases – amidst having three hurricane threats.


In lieu of this weather forecast for 2015, it’s best that you have your siding prepared for the turn of the year and the season. Here are some helpful tips from us at Jones & Associates:


1. Call up your siding company in Lubbock TX and schedule a more thorough inspection. Having your siding assessed by a siding professional before the coming of these predicted weather conditions will help in your preparation, as it can see the existing issues and problems that your siding currently experience. It’s best to perform preventive maintenance than repairs.


2. If you’re to DIY your siding inspection, it’s best to take note of loose, chipped, cracked, or broken siding. For cracked or split siding, you can easily reinforce them with caulk. However, if you’ve noticed that it’s gotten worse than you expected, it’s best to call on a siding professional to do the necessary repairs.


3. Regardless of the path you took, it’s best to have those repairs or replacements done by a siding company in Odessa TX, like Jones & Associates. A siding professional can provide you with a better siding choice that can protect you better, like steel siding. Steel siding can resist the harshest of weather conditions and the strongest of winds.


We hope that you will be able to properly prepare your home, along with your siding, with these simple tips. Should you need any kind of assistance when it comes to your siding, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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