Is Your Siding Ready for the Change of Seasons?


The thing about living in a country with four seasons is that we grow to appreciate and anticipate the changing colors, even the changing temperature. But while we simply watch the leaves turn from a healthy green glow to a brown-gold hue and back, it’s no easy time for our houses.


Siding, in particular, takes a lot of beating from the ever-changing seasons. Being the home’s outer layer, it’s in a constant confrontation with rain, sunshine, snow, and all kinds of debris flown in by the wind. For that reason, it can get stained, nicked, punctured, or exposed to decay and molding.


Winters can be especially difficult. A combination of winds, snow, and ice can do a great deal of damage on your house’s siding. Is your siding ready for winter? Here’s how to tell:


1. Is the paint chipping or flaking off? You’d think paint is just there for decoration but it actually helps protect the wood from decay.

2. Are there signs of rotting on the siding? Failing paint is only a problem for wood siding, but most siding types can get damaged through water infiltration. Your siding is especially vulnerable to rot in areas where it comes in contact with water and moisture the most.

3. Are there loose or damaged parts of the siding? The ever-present moisture during winter could do more damage to your home you think. If there are cracks, slits, and tear on your siding, the wall of your home is exposed to water from rain, ice, or melted snow, making it susceptible to mold, mildew, and rot.

4. Is the caulking still intact? Caulks are used to seal gaps around windows, vents, and trims so that warm air will not escape from inside the home. This way you can keep you and your family comfortably warm throughout winter without having to overwork your heating systems.
We at Jones & Associates understand the challenges brought about by transitioning seasons. As your experts in siding installation in Midland TX and surrounding areas, we want to help you prepare your siding for winter. If you think your siding can no longer hold off the elements once the cold really starts to hit, we will help you replace it.


Having been installing siding for homes in West Texas for 25 years, we’ve found that here in West Texas, your best bet against the ever-changing seasons is steel siding. It’s an excellent shield against rain, hail, winds, and snow. Steel siding is also capable of giving your home ample insulation, making your home comfortably warm in the winter, and cool once spring gives way to summer. Additionally, with steel siding you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It does not need repainting and re-oiling like wood does, and they don’t chip, crack, or fade like vinyl.

When it’s time to replace old or failing siding, turn to Jones & Associates for siding installation in Lubbock TX and surrounding areas.

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