Vinyl: A Popular Choice for Home Window Replacement in Lubbock, TX

Bill Bregar, senior staff reporter for, writes that the demand for residential windows continued to be strong in 2012, with vinyl windows still taking market share from wood:

Trade AssociationTotal residential windows are expected to grow 15 percent this year.

The report said the increase was driven by growing new construction demand, as windows for new homes jumped 25 percent. But the remodeling and replacement sector—historically, an important one for vinyl windows — dropped 3 percent for 2012.

Vinyl windows continue to take market share from wood, said the review by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association. The home building strength has helped aluminum windows regain market share.

Overall, residential prime windows grew by 5.8 percent in 2012, to 40.1 million units, the report said. Vinyl windows totaled 27.5 million units, for a 69 percent market share.

Vinyl gained by 7 percent in 2012, to 27.5 million total units. That’s up from 25.7 million units in 2011.

The report highlights the surging popularity of vinyl as the window material of choice among people who are building new homes, or redecorating existing ones. Wood windows have long been the traditional favorite among a significant number of American homeowners, including those in the towns of Lubbock and Midland in Texas, because of wood’s natural beauty and charm. However, as pointed out in Bregar’s report, vinyl has taken hold of the top spot in the replacement windows market, and is seen to continue gaining ground over wood in the next few years.

Indeed, vinyl offers many benefits over wood and other window materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. Apart from overall affordability, vinyl windows offer good insulation, require minimal maintenance, and weigh comparatively lighter than other materials. All these factors make vinyl the new favorite material for window replacement in Lubbock, TX and elsewhere in the country.

One of the main criticisms against vinyl is that it is too plastic-looking for some people’s taste. Luckily, various technical innovations have greatly improved the texture and finish of vinyl such that newer vinyl window models now closely imitate the appearance of wood, metal, and other more expensive materials. Those looking for the best Midland, TX replacement windows would do well to check out vinyl windows offered by reputable companies like Jones & Associates.

(From Trade association reports windows continue rebound, vinyl picking up market share,, May 30,2013)

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