Beautiful Vinyl Cladding from a Trusted Lubbock, TX Siding Company

Many homeowners today are either putting up vinyl sidings on their homes, or are considering doing so. Those who remain “purists” believe the plastic properties of vinyl diminish the beauty of one’s home, particularly older structures with interesting architectural details. Fran J. Donegan writes about the many benefits of vinyl siding and addresses some of the misconceptions about this material in an article for

Vinyl SidingPurists sneer at the idea of wrapping houses – particularly older homes that have significant architectural detail – in “plastic.” Other common objections are that vinyl siding can’t hold its color without fading or yellowing, that it buckles in the heat and that it can mask serious problems with moisture in the walls. These were worthy concerns in the past, but vast improvements have been made in vinyl siding since it first appeared. Take a look at some of the new vinyl siding products. Typically they have a low-gloss finish that more closely resembles painted wood. Most manufacturers also offer realistic-looking grain patterns and have improved the look of trim pieces. Fading and yellowing aren’t major concerns with better vinyl siding products, nor is their rigidity if they are correctly installed.

Donegan says that vinyl siding can generate considerable cost savings in home maintenance by eliminating the need to repaint the house every five years, and costing a lot less than other siding materials. High-quality vinyl sidings are also resistant to fading and weathering, making them ideal for places that get bright sunlight, especially during summer months, such as the towns of Lubbock and Midland in Texas. Residents of these places can ask about the anti-weathering properties and long warranties of excellent vinyl sidings from a reputable Midland or Lubbock, TX siding company such as Jones & Associates.

With regard to the plastic qualities of vinyl sidings, Donegan says that new vinyl sidings typically have a matte finish that eliminates the look of plastic, and come in designs that closely imitate wood, making them suitable even for some historic homes. However, Donegan says that even the best quality vinyl siding will not yield good results if the installation was not done properly, as vinyl can warp and buckle if not installed correctly. Hence, residents of Lubbock and Midland need to select an established Lubbock and Midland, TX siding company with a solid reputation in working with high-quality vinyl sidings.

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