Steel Siding Installation in Lubbock, TX: Your Best Defense Against Termites

Ranch-style homes are popular in Texas, particularly in the city of Lubbock. The natural beauty of wood siding blends perfectly with this domestic architectural style. Yet as reporter Chris Kissell points out, homeowners who opt for wood siding can eventually expect to spend a lot on repair and new siding installation in Lubbock, TX due to termite infestations.

6 ThingsColonies of anywhere from a few hundred to several million termites can quietly and methodically devastate your home.

Wood, paper and dead plant material that is in contact with soil near the house provides termites with a ready source of food and an entry. And moisture accumulated around foundations and in poorly ventilated crawl spaces gives termites a source of water they need to survive.

Over time, termites can damage or destroy support beams and other wood features in a house. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termites cause $5 billion in damage in the U.S. each year.

If these unwanted guests cause wear and tear to your home, do not expect your insurer to bail you out, says Janet Patrick, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Insurance Association, an industry lobbying organization in Springfield, Ill.

“Homeowners policies do not pay for termite damage,” she says.

According to a Texas A&M University study, Texan homes are mostly under threat by drywood termites that eat through timbers of all types, from soft springwood to harder summerwood. Chemical treatments can be applied to kill off termites in the event of an infestation, but these treatments often cannot fully eradicate the problem. In fact, some termite colonies manage to survive and even sustain their numbers even after such chemicals have been administered.

What can homeowners do to avoid costly wood siding repair or installation? A sensible solution would be to opt for non-wood siding materials such as steel, which is available through reputable contractors that serve the Midland Area, such as Jones & Associates. Steel siding installation in Midland, TX can make your home less susceptible to termite attacks, and allow you to enjoy optimum protection from the elements.

Arid areas like Lubbock and Midland are vulnerable to attacks from the drywood termite variety, which ultimately makes wood siding a less attractive exterior cladding option when you think about it. Sensible homeowners might want to consider durable, termite-resistant variants like steel siding that has the ability to withstand considerable wear and tear.

(From 6 Things Home Insurance Won’t Cover,, Published 5 September 2013)

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