The Importance of Choosing the Right Materials for Replacement Windows

For many Texas homeowners, the idea of replacing windows can be nerve-wracking because they can be often expensive. Taking the time to research beforehand and compare the features of different types of windows can save a lot of time and money down the road.

Choosing and Installing Replacement Windows Image

Know that one particular aspect than can make or break a window’s functionality is its framing. This is what keeps the window securely fitted to the house, and warped framing can lead to leaks and costly repairs. There are several different materials to choose from when picking a framing option for windows replacement in Midland TX and each has its own pros and cons depending on the weather condition of your area:


Vinyl. Typically the least expensive, virtually maintenance free, only available in light colors (dark colors absorb too much heat from the sun and warp).


Fiberglass/composite. More expensive than wood or vinyl, but more durable as well. Requires virtually no maintenance, and can be painted any color, with faux woodgrains also available.


Wood. A popular choice for aesthetics, typically only a little more expensive than vinyl, requires diligent maintenance, can take any stain or color and available in many species.


Aluminum clad. Typically the most expensive but maintenance free, wood exteriors can be stained to match existing décor, while aluminum exteriors can take almost any color.


When planning for your window replacement, be very meticulous about the material. Although some choices are less expensive initially, a substandard material can create more problems than actually serve the purpose. Choosing the right framing can provide adequate insulation and energy efficiency for your home, not to mention avoiding costly maintenance later on.


Get rid of your old, worn, or ugly windows and get the assistance of Jones & Associates, the trusted contractor for window replacement in Lubbock TX. They are known for doing more than providing guidance for you to be able to make smart, economical choices when replacing the windows in your home. The company also promotes the “low-e” glass, an innovation that can help keep your energy costs down year round.


(Article quote and image from “Choosing and Installing Replacement Windows”, HGTV Remodels)



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