Fogging on Your Windows? The Experts Know Better

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Home improvement jobs for your home in your dream Texas location can give you a sense of fulfillment in being able to customize the space but you know for a fact that pursuing any project has its share of concerns and costs. For one, paying for replacement windows in Lubbock TX is often a necessary expense in order for you to enjoy a comfortable dwelling.


Most windows are made by sealing two or three panes of glass to create an insulating layer that can lower energy costs significantly. However, a particular problem can occur with such windows called “fogging,” which happens when a layer of condensation forms within the sealed panes of glass and clearing it up can be a tedious task.


According to a recent article in, this happens because:

Over time, expansion and contraction cause the seal to weaken and eventually fail, allowing water vapor inside. When that vapor condenses on cold glass, it creates a foggy appearance.

But that doesn’t mean a homeowner has to replace the window to get rid of the cloudiness. Two methods are available to deal with the problem: removing the glass and replacing it with a new, factory-sealed unit, or drilling into the window to remove the moisture.

Both give you back a clear window, but the first method also restores the window’s original insulating value. The second restores only the clarity, but at a lower cost.

If you do not have enough money on hand to get a replacement window, you can consider clearing up the fogging using a more affordable drilling method. However, you should strongly consider replacing the windows eventually, as this is only a temporary solution. How about speaking to an expert for replacement windows in Midland TX? Call Jones & Associates because they can advise you on the best course of action and provide important information concerning windows that are built to resist fogging.


(Article quotes and image from Foggy Windows Can Be Cleared or Replaced,, March 21, 2014)


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