Installing Energy-Saving Windows: Taking Action against the Effects of Climate Change


The threat of climate change and its effect on our planet can be felt not only in Texas. Storms are getting stronger than ever, winters are noticeably longer and colder, droughts and floods are reported in different parts of the planet; we just cannot deny anymore that all these are the result of our own actions.


This report from the National Geographic website states that even the Federal Government is now taking a drastic step on how to somehow curb the effects of climate change and it also illustrates how climate change affects all of us:


The White House plans to release a major report Tuesday outlining how human-driven climate change is already affecting the environment in the United States and warning of more warming to come, possibly signaling a more aggressive response to the issue from the Obama administration.


The draft report warns that the average temperature across the U.S. has risen 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since record keeping began in 1895. And 80 percent of that warming has happened since 1980. That climate change has started causing problems for Americans in sectors ranging from construction and transportation to agriculture and forestry to health.

Extreme weather, more wildfires, decreased air quality, insect-borne diseases, and food- and waterborne diseases will take an increasing toll on human health, especially among children, the elderly, and the vulnerable.


In light of all this, it is imperative that we take action and participate in the environmental efforts even in some small way. And one way of doing this is by investing in products that promote energy conservation. Hundreds of energy-efficient products such as TV sets and air-conditioners are in the market today and you can actually help the planet just by using these products.


Another thing you can also do to help is to renovate your home to make it more energy-efficient. Installations such as lighting fixtures, the roof, siding, and windows that help conserve energy are beneficial for your pocket as well, as they can significantly reduce your home’s energy bills. Replacing your windows with energy saving windows for your Lubbock Texas home, for example, will keep the heat from leaking out of your house by bouncing heat back into your home, keeping you and your family warm during winters even if the thermostat isn’t turned up so much.


In Lubbock, Midland, and other parts of Texas, residents turn to Jones & Associates, the most trusted home improvement contractor in the region. The company recommends energy-efficient windows for most of their clients as they promote earth-friendly products. “Low-E” glass, for instance, is specially designed to block the sun’s IR rays, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home at any time of the year. These windows are also elegantly designed and constructed with durable materials, ensuring peak performance without having to sacrifice on style.


Jones & Associates installs energy saving windows in Midland TX and other parts of the region including Lubbock and Odessa. Just give them a call and they will be more than happy to give you a free quote.


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