The 12 Things You Need to Know about Steel Siding

If you’re thinking about getting new siding for your home, you should consider getting steel siding instead of the usual vinyl, wood, brick or aluminum.


Steel Siding

Steel siding is now a popular choice for siding installation in Lubbock, TX. Before, it had limited availability of colors and finishes. The shapes were also limited, but modern manufacturing techniques have advanced to the point where steel can now imitate other textures like wood.



Here are 12 facts about steel siding that you should know:


1. Steel can withstand impact from baseballs, tree branches and debris much better than aluminum.


2. This siding can made from either galvanized or stainless steel. The former has a zinc coating to protect it from corrosion, while the latter is made of about 10% chromium. This acts as its built-in corrosion protection.


3. Steel siding has design options other than cladding. They include seamless steel (a single sheet cut to the exact length of a building), steel log (replicates that log cabin look) and corrugated steel (typically used in barns).


4. Homeowners can choose from a wide palette of topcoat colors and textures. In addition to painting, steel siding can be coated with other types of protective coating like vinyl or polyvinyl.


5. Seamless steel siding produces the least amount of waste material during siding installation in Midland, TX.


6. If you live in coastal or humid regions, stainless steel or aluminum are better choices over galvanized steel.


7. Steel siding requires little maintenance. In case you do have to clean it, you can actually use a pressure washer.


8. This type of siding is inorganic and resists decay, unlike wood.


9. Steel siding does not crack in cold weather, unlike vinyl.


10. Steel has a high melting point (approximately 2,500 degrees). It will not be deformed when exposed to extremely hot weather.


11. Steel may have higher upfront costs compared with aluminum. Nonetheless, it is actually more cost-effective over time, as it lasts much longer.


12. Steel siding is up to 100% recyclable, like aluminum.


When considering siding installation in Odessa, TX, be sure to work with Jones& Associates. We haveyears of experience in providing homes with high-quality steel siding.


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