6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Siding

Siding doesn’t readily display signs that it’s past its prime, unlike roofing with its leaks or windows with their drafts. That doesn’t mean that the signs aren’t there–you just have to know what to look for. Here’s a list of signs that mean you need the services of a siding company.

1. Your siding generally doesn’t look good – Siding in good condition should look ruler-straight, so if you notice areas starting to look warped or askew, then you should start taking a closer look.

2. You’re frequently repainting your siding – Traditional siding requires eight to ten years before it needs to be scraped and repainted. If your siding starts to chip, peel, or crack faster than normal, the siding is beyond its lifespan and will have to be replaced. In fact, you can forget about scraping and repainting your siding ever again if you choose our steel siding. In addition to being much tougher than wood or vinyl, siding color is factory-applied and will not require repainting for its entire lifespan.

3. Your energy bills are too high – If your fenestrations (doors, windows, and skylights) and attic are in good working order yet your heating and cooling bills are still higher than usual, your siding may be to blame. Energy-efficient siding can help reduce thermal transfer, keep heat where it’s needed, and consequently reduce your energy consumption.

4. The siding is rotten, warped, or cracked – This is an obvious indicator and can be spotted from a distance. This condition can create openings in the exterior wall and leave it susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. If your siding is in this condition, call a trusted siding company immediately.

5. There is noticeable mold or mildew growth – Another indication of moisture problems is the presence of mold and mildew. While not an indication of advanced siding problems by itself, it does leave hard-to-remove stains, which will require siding replacement, if not thorough scraping and repainting.

6. There is dry rot – Dry rot begins below the surface of the siding and won’t become apparent even when it’s widespread. Take a long screwdriver or a similar tool and simply tap on the siding. Parts will fall out if dry rot has set in.

If your siding exhibits any combination of the signs above, you need a siding company you can trust. Call Jones and Associates today at (806) 686-1380 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate. We serve Lubbock, TX

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