Steel Siding Installation and Long-Term Savings

Regular maintenance is necessary to make your aging siding last. Professionals can only do so many quick fixes over the years, however. The moment your old siding reaches the end of its service life, a replacement makes perfect financial sense.


Steel Siding Installation and Long-Term Savings


While siding installation can be costly, it provides long-term savings to pay for itself. The experts at Jones and Associates explain why new steel siding is a worthy investment:

Increased Solar Reflectivity

Metal is one of the coolest materials in existence. When protected with a highly reflective coating, steel can bounce a significant amount of solar energy back to the sky. A home clad in a cool steel product renders the sun less of a factor in indoor comfort. Consequently, your rooms won’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable, even during the hottest months.

Minimized Air Leakage

Steel siding systems with rigid panels and tight seams, like Rollex products, make homes more weathertight. Considering air sealing is an element of a complete thermal enclosure system, tackling steel siding installation puts you a step closer toward ENERGY STAR® certification.

Weathertight siding panels can also help trap heat and lower monthly utility bills, which might save you thousands dollars over the years. Without leaking out conditioned air, your AC will no longer have to work so hard to keep you comfortable.

No Repainting Requirement

Siding materials that require periodic scraping and repainting waste both time and money. Having to do those tasks yourself or oversee their maintenance may preclude you from focusing on what you really need to do. Investing in steel siding installation spares you the hassle. High-quality steel siding products come with colorfast coatings that prevent rotting, peeling and fading for a long time.

Jones and Associates is the steel siding authority. We carry Rollex products to offer you the most durable steel siding solutions on the market with an array of finishes to choose from. Call us at (806) 686-1380 today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and estimate in Lubbock, Midland and Odessa, TX.

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