Repair Your Exterior with Help From a Siding Contractor in Lubbock, TX

c4The CBS DFW website posted an article last August 13, 2013 which outlined the effects of the thunderstorm that hit North Texas that week. Inclement weather that involved rain, lighting and strong winds ravaged much of the area, damaging properties and littering the streets with debris. Even the power lines weren’t spared, leaving several households without electricity.

Extreme weather conditions will beat the stuffing out of any home, particularly its exteriors. The siding will be enduring the elements, as well, protecting the residents from strong winds and rain. That doesn’t mean that the cladding is completely immune to harm. Right after a thunderstorm, residents should check the condition of the cladding and have any damage mended immediately by a siding contractor from Lubbock, TX, such as Jones & Associates.

The thunderstorm that hit North Texas was nothing short of destructive; pictures of the storm’s aftermath show tree branches that have fallen off and crashed into houses and even cars. Because the power lines were disrupted, approximately 700 people were out of electricity. Officials say that work is underway to restore majority of the damage caused by the thunderstorm.

Both buildings and people were put into grave danger by the thunderstorm. A woman who went out to her car was struck by lightning but managed to survived the ordeal. A local church wasn’t as fortunate, as its steeple was torn off by the winds. Simply put, this supposedly simple thunderstorm wrecked just as much havoc as a tornado or hurricane would.

Siding serves as the perfect defense against storms and the damage they can cause. The structure can withstand the weather’s forces to protect the exterior walls. Naturally, homeowners will want to repair their siding once it has taken a direct hit from storm debris and the like. A helpful siding contractor in Odessa, TX can aid in the repair efforts and ensure householders that they’ll remain protected from thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms should never be underestimated; they can grow as powerful as hurricanes and hit just as hard, as well. While folks can stay indoors to shield themselves from harm, they must not forget to maintain their exterior and repair their homes as soon as damage occurs. A shelter is only as good as its durability, so Texans shouldn’t disregard even the slightest of damage.

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