Beating the Heat with Siding Installation in Lubbock, TX


An August 7, 2013 advisory on the website warned readers of the extremely hot weather in Central Texas. That August was particularly hot for Texans, as humidity levels rose to uncomfortable and very muggy levels. Triple digit temperatures of 100°F and higher aren’t uncommon given such conditions, and it can endanger citizens who stay outdoors for too long.

When the weather gets too hot, most people keep indoors and turn on their air conditioning to cool themselves off. However, it can be very costly to operate air conditioners for long periods of time, mostly because the appliances have to work double time in order to effectively reduce the temperature inside the house. To reduce indoor heat, homeowners should consider siding installation in Lubbock, TX for their homes, as the cladding makes for a great insulator.

Reports say that the temperatures for that August saw a 104 °F high, but the heat index of 105 to 110°F makes it feel hotter. Authorities have warned locals to take precautions and to avoid experiencing heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Suggestions for light and loose clothing and regular water intake have been advised.

The most worrisome part about this bit of news is that this heat has been going on for some time. As of the article’s publishing, the region had been suffering triple digit temperatures for 10 straight days already. During the previous year around the same time, the area had accumulated 15 consecutive days of unbearable heat, while in 2011, a certain part of town had recorded a whopping 50 days of 100 °F or higher.

It’s tempting to leave the air conditioning on during such terrible heat spells, but it could cost a home hundreds of dollars to pay for its energy consumption. To minimize the unit’s power demands, homeowners should make an effort to reduce indoor temperatures any way they can. Siding installation in Odessa, TX from contractors like Jones & Associates can drastically reduce the amount of heat that permeates a home, so it’s worth a try.

The heat in Texas could get worse over time, and it could force residents to use their air conditioning more. That can’t be good for wallets, as energy costs for AC units can easily rise because of increased use. Locals should consider any and all forms of heat reduction techniques, such as installing siding to beat the heat.

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