Q&A: Does Metal Siding Really Improve Texas Homes?

Metal siding is always the siding of choice for most outbuildings and commercial establishments because of its durability and longevity. It is becoming a popular choice for residential use probably because metal siding is known to last at least half a century – making it one of the toughest siding options.


However, most homeowners are still in the dark when it comes to this siding alternative. So here are some FAQ’s of metal siding by Jones & Associates:


Question: What is metal siding?


Answer: Metal siding, as the name suggests, are siding panels made from either galvanized steel or aluminium. Although it is often associated with factories and other industrial buildings before, siding experts are now using metal siding for residential use; thanks to modern production techniques, steel siding can now be purchased in a huge array of colors, styles, and textures.


Q: What are the advantages of metal siding?


A: The main reason why people opt for metal siding is because of its durability. Metal siding is known to withstand harsh weather conditions – from the hottest summers to the coldest winters – providing outstanding protection to your home. Metal siding is fire-resistant owing to the fact that it takes longer for it to be consumed by fire. Another advantage of metal siding is that it requires little maintenance; just rinse it using your garden hose once in a while and you’re done. It doesn’t rust, chip, rot, or flake off strips of paint; and of course, insect damage is impossible. Furthermore, metal siding lasts longer than other siding options. That is why even though it costs a little more than vinyl or wood siding, people still opt for metal.


Q: Aside from its durability, what other benefits can I get from choosing metal siding?


A: Metal siding is also the perfect one for the hot and dry Texas weather as it offers exceptional insulation; keeping your home comfortably cool during hot summer seasons.


Q: Who can I trust when it comes to siding installation in Lubbock TX?


A: As for installation, you can always rely on the most trusted home improvement contractor, Jones & Associates. We are highly trained and well experienced when it comes to metal siding installation in Midland TX, Odessa TX, Lubbock TX, and beyond. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule a FREE in-house consultation and estimate.

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