Metal Siding: Why It’s The Best Choice for Texas Residents

We all know that summers in West Texas can be really hot during summer months, with temperatures even reaching the hundred mark. During this time, most external home components such as your siding is susceptible to damage such as warping and buckling of panels. You may also notice some cracking and rotting panels as wood and stucco siding expand and contract with the weather. Though these cracks may be insignificant at first, it will definitely be a big problem and you’ll be spending big bucks on repairs later on when it’s left neglected.


Because of this predicament, it is always advisable to always keep an eye on your siding before bigger problems arise; and if you see any cracks and warps, you should have them fixed immediately.


But if you’re tired of fixing your siding time and time again, Jones & Associates, the #1 siding company in Lubbock TX, recommends installing metal siding instead. Why you ask? tells more about the benefits of having metal siding:


Steel siding is perhaps the toughest, most durable, longest lasting siding presently available to homeowners. Add to that the fact that for a few extra dollars per foot you can get seamless steel siding, and this siding material is tough to beat.


When compared to other siding materials on the market, steel rises to the top of the pile for many reasons. The first is simply its strength and durability. It’s resistant to the bumps, dents, and other dings that any siding product is sure to endure.


Yes, metal siding can be a tough customer against the harsh West Texan weather; it actually is the perfect siding for places with hot climates such as ours as metal siding offers excellent energy efficiency resulting to lower utility bills during hot summer seasons.


The only downside we can see from having metal siding at home is that it will rust easily if poorly installed. This is where the most trusted siding company in Midland TX, Jones & Associates, comes in. We have been in the business of providing high-quality service and products in West Texas for 25 years now; ensuring you that we have the experience and the expertise to help make your home look great while protecting your family from the elements, and saving you money in the process! Just contact us via phone or through our website to know more about metal siding, our other products and services.


(Article Excerpt from: Choose Steel for Siding Replacement,

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