Proper Installation is Critical for Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is a cost-effective choice for many homeowners in Texas because it offers the benefits of being durable, beautiful, and affordable. In order to get the most out of your siding, you need to buy a quality product, but also make sure that you get a professional for installation. Without this, the money you spend on the siding won’t protect your home the way you want it to. An article from “This Old House” provides some insight about how important installation is:


Vinyl siding literally hangs from nails driven through horizontal slots at the top of a panel’s nailing hem. The reason for the loose nailing has to do with the vinyl’s need to expand or contract as the temperature changes: A 12-foot length of plastic siding can expand as much as 5/8 inch with seasonal temperature swings. If nailed tight to a wall, it can buckle on hot days.

“The worst thing you can do is nail vinyl tight,” says Tom Silva. To ensure that the panel is free to move, the nail heads shouldn’t contact the hem. Conversely, if nailed too loosely the panels will rattle noisily whenever the wind blows.


While many people might think that they can install siding as a do-it-yourself project over the weekend, the truth is that it requires the skilled technique of a contractor or company that specializes in siding installation in Midland TX.


Professional installers can ensure that the vinyl is fastened to your home in a way that allows it to expand and contract while still giving you proper protection from the weather, sealing out water and moisture leaks. This will ensure that there is adequate clearance around windows and at the corners of your home to prevent gaps even when the material changes shape with the weather.


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(Article and excerpt from For the Love of Vinyl Siding,


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