Making Modern Windows Work in an Old Home

Windows contribute a great deal to the appearance of your home. Do you live in a historic house? There’s a way to make modern units work with your old home’s appeal.


The Replace or Restore Debate

If you live in a historic home, you’re probably not that keen about replacing your current windows. It’s a sentiment shared by many homeowners who want to retain that unique classic appeal. But what if the windows are already failing? What if they are damaged beyond repair? And what if your windows make indoor temperatures unbearable and your monthly energy bills soar?

You may want to consider investing in energy-efficient replacement windows in Lubbock, TX. Don’t think that getting rid of your old, defective units will affect your home’s classical charm. Thanks to advances in technology, new windows these days come in a wide range of styles that allow you to make your home more energy-efficient and preserve your home’s traditional look at the same time.

Modern Window Styles for Old Homes

When it comes to your historic home, always think in terms of how you can add character to the house’s overall look—from the inside as well from the outside. Jones & Associates is an expert in these things. We offer a vast selection of energy-saving and charming styles, including:

  • Double Hung
  • Slider
  • Picture
  • Casement
  • Bay and Bay
  • Garden

Any of these window styles can make your old house more energy-efficient without affecting your its traditional look. All it takes is a bit of imagination, and some help from the professionals in windows replacement in Odessa, TX—Jones & Associates. To schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate, just give us a call at (806) 686-1380. Feel free to browse our Gallery to see how our modern units look installed in an actual home.

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