Low-E Glass: Understanding the Basics

If you’re looking to replace your windows this summer and you’re doing some research over the Internet, you’ve probably come across the term “low-e glass” several times. In case you’re still in the dark when it comes to this industry jargon, here are some basic facts you need to know before getting window replacement in Lubbock, TX:

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What exactly is low-e glass and how does it work?

“Low-e” stands for low-emissivity; emissivity being the ability of a material to radiate energy. Low-e glass is fitted with layers of special coatings that help in fending off ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays. Used for windows, this coating is made to be microscopically thin and transparent (it is, in fact, much thinner than human hair!) so that it won’t affect visibility.

What’s in it for me when I install a window with low-e glass?

Thanks to their superior heat-reflective features, units equipped with this highly efficient glass can significantly help in lowering your energy consumption. They can help make your home comfortable even during hot or cold season as well.

During winter, low-e coating will bounce heated air from your HVAC back inside your home. This reduces energy loss through the glass and helps in keeping your home warm without doubling the work of your heating system. It can lower your heating bills at the same time.

Conversely, during summer, outdoor heat can easily enter your home through inefficient glass, making your air conditioners work twice as hard to keep the temperatures balanced. This can lead to bigger energy bills down the line. Low-e glass can help with this problem, as its reflective properties will prevent the heat from affecting the temperature inside your home.

Where can I get windows that have low-e glass?

The best way to go about it is getting in touch with Jones & Associates, experts in windows replacement in Midland, TX, and surrounding areas. We have been installing energy-efficient windows for years and ensures proper installation every time.

Learn more about our beautifully made windows, fitted with low-e glass by browsing through our website or by giving us a call at (806) 686-1380. You may also schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate with our experts.

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